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I need to do things like laundry and dye my hair but I’m so tired and have no energy so I’m gonna lay here and watch The Immigrant on Netflix.

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you ever have a thing that simultaneously makes you really happy but also really really frustrates you for certain reasons? 

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oh so, mini-ish breakdown about tonight

  • SHFC was awesome. i actually thought the sound quality of their set was better than average for one of the street fest thingies. (lovehammers didn’t sound as great imo because marty’s mic was way too low)
  • when we paid to get in, some dude was putting stupid “i supported whateverthefuckitsaid” stickers on everyone.  while SHFC was playing, some little boy was running around dancing and having fun. he came up to me while i was taking photos and was trying to look at what the sticker said (it was on my hoodie on the pocket at the bottom) so i took it off and gave it to him and he got so excited and stuck it on his mom xD then he walked up and basically insisted i take a pic of him and posed for me, so i took one and then showed it to him and he seemed so excited and proud and it was kind of adorable 
  • all the food was like 5000000% overpriced. $8 for 5 mozz sticks? hell fucking no man. no. 
  • lovehammers were fantastic. marty has way too much energy. i need to steal some from him. 
  • gin blossoms were headlining. like wow 90s nostalgia.
  • mom and i tried to make our way back to the stage to see a little of them but there was like this massive influx of people suddenly arriving right at that time and we were having the hardest time getting through the crowd. at one point some 40+ year old dude was like “I’M STANDING HERE AND I’M NOT MOVING SO YOU BETTER GO THAT WAY” and i looked at him and said “WHATEVER DUDE, WHY DON’T YOU GO STAND OVER THERE" and he kinda looked me like O_O and then D= and actually ended up walking off to the side. like yeah, don’t fuck with me after i’ve had a few beers, because i have a big mouth and i will fuck you up. trust me.
  • but yeah we ended up leaving because it was getting late and she has to work tomorrow. but overall, super fun night. 

we really would have probably hung out for a bit longer but things were getting pretty insane with all the people showing up so it wasn’t really worth it. it was a fun night overall though, except for the douchebags. 

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i really freaking love the lovehammers btw. probably haven’t mentioned that much but yeah. they’re awesome and they have so much energy on stage that it’s really really fun to see them live. 

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Lovehammers @ Taste of Lincoln Ave. | July 26, 2014

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wow, tumblr doesn’t want to let me post this photoset =( 

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Anonymous said:

You earned this: LET'S STRETCH, BITCHES!

aww yeah baby!

lots of good new renner pics today, i’m lovin’ it! 

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well, it seems a certain someone has roped me into doing GISHWHES this year xD