luciferotic asked: i'm not your anon but my preference is aksana and latex gloves. 

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Anonymous asked: I'm not a big fan of Layla or Summer myself, tbh. But just watching the differences between them as Fandango's partner is kinda interesting. I feel like he and Summer had more chemistry, and for some reason I can't help thinking 'she's too old for you, bro' whenever I see him with Layla, (even though there's not too much of an age difference between them, but she just seems old to me). But yeah, I see what you mean about things being more porn-y with Layla 

i feel right now that layla comes off as trying too hard. like, especially on her first appearance with him she just seemed way over the top. which is fine to a point, i mean, it’s not like he isn’t over the top most of the time, which is part of the reason i love him so much. but it just felt… weird, i guess. i think after some time passes they’ll gel a little better together, plus it couldn’t hurt to get them into a feud with basically anyone at all other than santino and emma, tbh. like, this feud went nowhere when he was with summer and it’s going nowhere now with layla. it’s not fun at all, and honestly they’re both so talented that they shouldn’t be wasted on the stupidity. i like comedy but santino hasn’t been funny since that tea party thing with sheamus, like i’m pretty sure that was the last time i actually laughed at santino and that was like 3 years ago. 

sorry, i went off on a rant there, i didn’t mean to. xD 

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Anonymous asked: Layla as Fandango's partner or Summer Rae? 

ugh, gosh honestly i don’t know. like, i want to say summer because she was around for so long and i do think they had good chemistry. and i wasn’t a big fan of her before but she grew on me

on the other hand i was never much of a layla fan but basically every time she and fandango are around things get like 50000000x more porn-y than they did with summer and that works for me

so right now it’s kind of a toss up until some time passes and i have more to judge on. 

who’s your preference, dear anon? 

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That lip thing he does. This man’s acting chops are woefully under-appreciated.


That lip thing he does. This man’s acting chops are woefully under-appreciated.

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you have to play by my rules.

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