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Just throwing my 2 cents in since everyone else on tumblr is flipping their shit in some way about this.

I have no idea who the girl with Renner is in those photos, nor do I care. Who he does or does not date, sleep with, etc. or who he’s friends with is none of my business, nor is it anyone’s but his. 

The poor man should be allowed to go out in public with another human being without speculations instantly being made or insults being thrown around toward him or whoever he’s with. We, as fans on the internet, should know better than to blindly trust what some bullshit site says about something. And we don’t need to know who she is, what their ‘relationship status’ is, nor is he ever obligated to tell anyone anything about it (and probably won’t anyway, since we know how private he is). It has zero effect on any of us. He could lie about it right to my actual face and I wouldn’t care, because it still has nothing to do with me or my opinion on him as an actor that I very much enjoy watching. 

As a fan, I just hope he ends up happy, continues to make awesome movies, and continues to live his life however he wants to. Whatever else he does is up to him, and I have enough respect for him to not involve myself in any part of speculating about his personal life that he doesn’t choose to share. 

I don’t understand why any of this is even being discussed more in depth than “Renner looks hot” and “that chick is pretty hot too”. Because that’s pretty much the only accurate deduction we can make out of any of those photos. Amirite?  

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  1. trvllngjwllr said: The main deduction I got out of those photos is HOT DAMN MASERATI BABY ….. oh and you’re still looking sexy Renner, stay swag
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    Oh good grief, THIS is what happened? I mean, I had the feeling but….really? C’mon Renner fandom, get your ish together...
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  8. ahsokatano23 said: These fangirls need to get a live of their own. who cares about this woman? Why is this so important? did anyone of these fangirls think they would have a chance to date this guy?
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